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First Impressions are Correct?

“Science Fact: People can accurately judge your traits within moments of meeting you, and those judgments are lasting, but your attractiveness is something you can influence.”


Whoa, I guess we should all be careful from now on huh?


Mother Nature’s Warning to Humans



According to many, the most fascinating and mysterious gift from mother nature is the night sky. Just a small glimpse of it enthralls a young toddler and inspires a PhD graduate. The various clusters of stars and planets paints a vivid picture of our past and at the same time keeps us guessing what lies beyond. Just lying down n the ground and observing the night sky makes us wonder about our existence and  how small we are in this vast ether.

Right from the days when Einstein was postulating his theory of special relativity, many have tried to unlock the various mysterious the universe has. What, when and how it all happened still remains a question for which many have given their life to answer. A very rookie step towards approaching the problem is observing the night sky. An observation made by the naked eye is enough to figure…

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Periodic Table Song

Way too cute!

Mask Illusion

This blog is AWESOME


I know for a fact I’ve posted this before, probably more than once. However, it gets me every time someone new posts it on Reddit or somewhere else, so I just gotta re-post it.

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Science Fair: Pure Evil

Who knew there were scientific studies on these…


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Literally Bored to Death??

Interesting article:

Did you know that if you’re bored REAL often, you have 37% of dying…

The less interesting part: The death occurs because high levels of boredom leads to depression, drug use, etc. Basically, you’re bored at an extreme level and are trying risky things to amuse yourself.

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